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invasive ads

  1. I have been using WordPress for a while now and I love it. But unfortunately lately I have been getting very invasive ads that are annoying me and my readers! I find I have to close the site down to remove the ad. Simply clicking on the 'x' inside teh ad does not work. I am generally not opposed to ads - but then they should go away when I want them to go away and not continuously pop-up in such an invasive fashion. I have not seen ads for a very long time and now the last day or so it has been VERY irritating indeed. Some of my readers have asked me to stop sending them links to my blog! You say you do not show ads to logged in readers - but I am logged in so why do I see it? You say a small % of page views will display ads. ALL my page views are showing ads - even the stats pages...Please get rid of this offensive nonsense.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I suggest you read what Staff (jackiedana) has posted into this thread

  3. Logged in I see no ads on your site nor do I see ads in my Stats page. Perhaps you have picked up malware or a malicious browser add on?

    timethief has a very helpful post here

  4. If you are referring to the upgrades ads, we have started displaying those ads to blog owners only. Other users will not see those ads on your blog.

  5. Thanks for getting back to me and my apologies - I did find malware which I have now removed. The strange thing though was that it only manifested itself on the WordPress pages. I had to shut down the WordPress site to remove the ads. No other site that I went to had a problem like that. Anyway it is gone now. Thanks again for replying and providing info I needed.

  6. You are welcome. I assume your site is functioning properly now?

  7. You are welcome from me as well.

  8. @Jackiedana: indeed WordPress is now operating 100%. Once again sorry for my rant!

    @justjennifer: thank you!


    You are amazing all of you!

  9. Hooray! :)

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