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"Invisable" post

  1. Hello. My blog is Several blogs link to me and I noticed that I wasn't showing up as a new post on anyone's list, even after 3 hrs. If I search my title on goggle...I'm not there. Besides a blogging buddy who regularly checks in, no-one appears to have even looked at this new post. I redid the post, and deleted the old. Same thing. Why am I invisible? I'm pretty clueless (amazed I've gotten so far, as is) Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You've got the domain name upgrade; have you told the people who've blogrolled you? They probably have the old address. Re-re-re-doing the post won't help, since it only goes out once.

    Also, when you give a link to your blog, never forget the http:// in front. That makes it a real link; that's important for self-promotion.

    As well, if you write Pages instead of Posts, no update goes out. Pages are for static information, not new updates. Search engines virtually ignore Pages relative to posts.

    Also, we need the actual LINK to the specific post you're talking about in order to help.

  3. Hi, thank you for your reply. Here's the link to page:

    I'm not aware that I upgraded anything in the last 24 hrs. The blog rolls show my entry yesterday ( )

  4. Thanks. That's a post, not a page, so it should have gone out in the RSS feed and automatic updates should have gone through just fine. I can only think that there may be a problem because the post title is the same as an old post title of yours: the URL contains the number 2, which the title does not. Maybe you could edit the post so that the title is Terra Cotta Tones #2 or something else, New Terra Cotta Tones or something. Then it might clear the clog, whatever it is.

  5. Ok, I edited the title...should I change the permalink? Its still reading terra-cotta-tones-2
    Thanks for your help.

  6. Yes, I'd change the permalink to reflect the new title. Let us know how that works.

  7. Thanks...nothing as yet. I realize automatic updates take a while but I don't have a single hit on that title on my stats page. Confounded. Thanks

  8. Well, you wouldn't normally get a hit on a post at the top of your main page, at least not from regular readers. They'd go to the main page and read it in situ. Check if you've got any RSS hits on it.

  9. Hi. "I don't have a single hit on that title on my stats page". What I meant to say was when I was looking at my stats page I didn't see any RSS hits on that blog posting. Finally gave up, dusted off a draft and posted anew. It took. Finally my referred traffic is coming in. Still in the dark about why there was a problem with both the Terra 1 and 2 posts. Thanks for all your help. Must get blogging for dummies book.

  10. And its happening again,
    Posted over 3 hrs ago and not hitting any of the blog feed lists that link to me (which show my last post as 19 hrs ago). Why am I selectively on, then invisible on these feeds?

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