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    I had started a new/2nd blog yesterday whilst transferring content from a previous one with a different service, created several categories to organize before starting to post; after working on the design a bit, I decided to go a different route with my category hierarchy, so I deleted all of them to wipe the slate clean. I came online today to work on the blog some more and start posting…

    From my new post/edit post screen, several of the categories I had deleted (though not all) remained listed as selections; however, when I go to my EDIT > CATEGORIES page, the only category that appears is UNCATEGORIZED. I fiddled in there a bit to try and get them to show so that I could delete them. The first thing I attempted was adding a new category with the same name as one that was listed on my NEW POST page, just to see if they were actually there. It then stated that a category of that name already exists, eventhough, as I stated, only the default/mandatory category appears listed in that section.

    I went to “convert categories to tags” as I tinkered, and that page states in the header that I have “(17)” categories to convert, however even there when they are actually listed, only the one shows. I really need to delete these imaginary categories, otherwise I can’t go any further with my blog, because it is a dilemma when I post. If I do select one of the ones that appear on a new post page, it will list on the post as they category, but the link is to a general wordpress tag rather than linking internally.

    Tried to explain this as thoroughly as possible. Please, I would very much appreciate anyone’s help with this issue.



    The categories were “orphaned” in the database. I set them all as parent categories again, so you can delete or update as you wish now.



    thank you so much. problem solved. ^___^

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