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    All text is visible everywhere on both blogs on my account but when i go to edit them , in either account, the text is invisible. when I highlight it, it shows the text in code but i cannot edit this way.

    I looked into another query called Dissappearing Blog which had the same problem but the suggested ways to fix the problem (Ctrl + f5) and upgrading my browzer did not work for me.

    This problem is occuring in both blogs. My original blog has been up for almost a year and it worked very well, although it was temperamental with images. but not long after I created blog no.2, both blogs ceased to let me edit.

    any help will be appreciated so i can get my workshops up and going again.

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you on Windows, perchance? Several people reported that upgrading from Windows 7 solved their problems.



    it seems to happen on every computer i have tried, although i will try it on a friend’s mac tomorrow.

    thanks though



    Same problem, and I have Vista. The post will not allow text to be visible on the Visual tab, and highlighting will bring it up. Text will appear when using the HTML tab, so I edit that way.

    Sometimes the edit buttons don’t appear and sometimes they do. I am using the latest Firefox and IE browsers; Chrome seems to be buggy for me.



    Looks like this is a recurring bug. If you can, make a report to staff via the Dashboard Help button.

    See this other thread

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