invisible link description?

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    I’m not new to WP but totally floundering on a blog I’m attempting to set up.

    I’d like to make link descriptions invisible so that you only see the description entered when you place your mouse cursor over the link.

    I know this is possible on regular WP blogs and you can choose for the description to show. Can I do it too on a blog?

    (my apologies if I am not allowed to post the link – please delete if it isn’t appropriate, it’s to illustrate issue)

    (please see bottom RHS corner under “Links”)


    I’ not sure I’m understanding your question. But if your blog is not hosted on WordPress servers, then you should be posting in the fourms for support. Check out the sticky at the top of these forums for clarification.

    I’ve had a look at the blog and when I hover over any of your link on the right the description pops-up for me?

    Also I wanted to leave a comment on one of your posts, but your have to be a subscriber by the looks of things? You may want to revise this and get more people interacting with your blog. ‘Tis up to you though ;)

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