Invisible, 'Link-only' Pages?

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    Hello. I am wanting to know if it’s possible to create a page that is only viewable when someone is directed to it via link. Essentially, I currently have a page that contains a list of Artists and with their information, links and a picture related to these artists each. Instead, I would like to have the list of them all but just their names hyperlinked, and these links lead to other pages, previously seemingly nonexistent, that hold information, links and pictures specifically for that artist alone.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Unless you password-protect a page, it will be viewable by anyone who either gets the link from your site or finds it through a google search or a link from another referring site. For example, if you had an artist named Jane Smith and she had a blog, she could link to her pages on your site if she found them initially through your site, and you really couldn’t stop that from happening.

    To be honest, having all of your pages publicly viewable is a good thing for your search engine rankings.

    If you really just want to funnel your own site viewers into a process to find a certain page, make sure the sub pages are not included in your menu or other navigation, and it will be unlikely anyone will stumble across those sub pages accidentally.



    I’m not opposed to having these pages viewable in the slightest, just not along the top. Considering there are quite a lot of artists on this list, it would look horrendously cluttered. I was considering this option as a form of extensive organisation, considering the list itself with all fo the information etc looks slightly cluttered itself already anyway…



    You can make Parent and Child Pages – then only the Parent shows unless you mouse over it then the child pages will drop down


    @pegasiamusic – I have something like this on a private blog. Not the one linked from my name). What I did was type all the names on one page which is visible from the menu. Each name links to a page of its own but those pages aren’t visible on the menu. You can only do this with a custom menu, or else the other pages will show.

    So basically, yes – and it’s easy enough.

    It looks to me like you’ve already used a custom menu, but in case you need some more info about it, here’s the link:

    To do the links – just do it like you’d do links on any page or post.

    However, one thing – and this is just a personal opinion – I think your current Artists page is great and I suspect people are much more likely to look at the info as you have it now rather than via links by themselves on a page.



    @absurdoldbird – Thank you so much for that. I haven’t actually used menus before, so I guess I need to do a bit of experimenting! But thank you very much, to everyone also, and I appreciate your opinion on the Artist page’s current state! I will consider and have a mess around.

    PS. You have some excellent artwork on your blog!


    thank you, and you’re welcome. I hope it helps.




    I really hope you can help with something…

    I’m working on a blog for school…and here, we have students that speak in three languages (English, Cantonese and Portuguese…primarily English)

    There are news articles that students write about for different events we have, in all three languages, and instead of writing everything with all the languages in one long blog (separated by lines, example), It would be convenient if at the top of the blog post they could immediately see links that would transport the students to the same blog post in the language they want to read the news in.

    In my case, I would want to keep English as the main language and have links to the ‘hidden’ posts with the different language. So the trick is to hide these other posts I want to make from showing up on the main page, otherwise, there would be like three posts on the same thing, and very odd indeed.

    I am using the regular account. Please help! Thanks!!



    You will need three separate blogs, because you’re looking at three different alphabets. Then in each post you can just manually make the links to the other two blogs.

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