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Invisible Posts

  1. I'm currently trying to make invisible posts that only appear if the hyperlink is pressed. I can't seem to do this, since every time I make a post, it appears on my main menu and won't disappear.

    This is for a private blog, so I don't care about optimizing search engines. I also don't want the posts to be children pages that are drop downs from my other pages since I don't want them appearing like that. Does anyone know how I can just make the post without it appearing anywhere so I can just copy the link?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As your blog is private and Volunteers cannot view it I suggest you use this link to contact Staff

  3. I've looked all over the support options and I'm unable to find a solution for my problem. Sorry about my blog being private, but I think my question can be solved without actually accessing my page.

    I have found answers for .org wordpress pages that solves my problem, since they can have a plugin, but since my blog is free, I'm wondering if there are other ways to hide the post.

    This is what I want:

    But I can't use the plugin since my blog isnt .org. Are there other ways to have posts that aren't on any of the pages so I can just hyperlink them?

  4. You can't do this for posts. You can do this for pages if you use a custom menu that hides the page.

  5. Great. Thanks for your help! I'll look into the custom menus then.

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