Invisible Space (in Khmer unicode) is removed automatic!

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    Dear WordPress blog team!

    I don’t know why in new updates of, whole of post system removes invisible space automatically when click post or preview.
    Before, it (invisible space) works great in wordpress blog. Article was have a good align when write in Khmer text.

    Anybody can show any solution?
    WordPress team, can you resolve this problem?

    *(Invisible space is currently used in Laos unicode, Khmer unicode,… etc)

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    I’m flagging this thread so it will be moved to the Translation Forum for you.



    @sovichet: hello! Could you please paste a link here to a post where this is happening, indicating the place where the invisible place should be? Is invisible space only removed from the new posts that you write, or did it disappear from already created posts, too? If you could provide further information and examples, it would be greatly appreciated so that we can look more into it!



    @jenia: Thank you very much! Now I have just found a problem. It’s about wordpress Text Editor. When I was writing text in Visual mode then I click on HTML mode and back to Visual suddenly Invisible Space was removed automatically or if I wrote text already and then click Publish, Invisible Space was also removed either. Invisible Space is used between each word (Khmer, Laos, and other …).

    Invisible Space we also can call it as Zero-width Space.

    Thank you!



    @sovichet: thank you very much for the additional info! I’ve read the article that you’ve linked (thank you!) and learned that the zero-width space is not supported in all web browsers. Which web browser are you using to edit your posts? Does the same browser re-break the text in the wiki article only at word boundaries when you resize the window? What happens when you try out different browsers, using the most recent browser versions as listed here:



    @jenia: I’m using Google Chrome 18. Other wordpress blog owner told me that they have met this problem as me (some of them are using Firefox). I also have my own website which is using WordPress (self-hosted) and I haven’t met any problem like I was on . Nowadays, when I need to write post (wordpress blog) I have to go to HTML mode :D

    My website:

    Have you tried as I told you above?
    Try to write text with Zero-width Space in Visual mode then go to HTML mode and back to Visual mode. Does the Zero-width Spaces were removed automatic?

    I want to say Thank You for your kindness to replying.

    Best regards,
    Sovichet Tep (A fan of both WordPress ^_^)



    i have problems with khmer UNICODE (Space) how can i do? anybody help..



    I have the same problem. Long before, in WordPress, we never have this zero space problem. The problem just arise recently.

    It is not the problem of browser because the same browser can open other non wordpress site with zero space supported correctly.

    My old wordpress post display correctly with zero space support, but if I edit that post but just clik edit and update, all zero space is removed.



    Hello WordPress team,

    I have a problem like sovichet too. It just appear when I update the new version 3.4.1. When I publish the new articles, all the invisible space that I used with khmer unicode is removed automatically.
    I have my own website in Khmer language . You can see it.
    Please show us how to solve it as quick as your team can.

    Best Regards,
    Hut Samnang.



    @samnang7 please go to then follow instruction in comment:5 .

    I hope it works for you.

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