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    Hi everyone.

    I hope this question is not to obvious – I dind’t find anything about it in FAQ and Forums.
    Is there a way to make my tags invisible on the blog in each on my post, but visible and “working” in wordpress and for tag surfer? I ask this because I would find good to add lots of tags to my posts to help people searching for something I talk about in my Blog, but I don’t like very much to see 5 or 6 or more tags on the top of every post, I find it’s confusing and heavy. I hope I was clear and thank who will be so kind to answer

    Borgo Montepòr –



    If you have the CSS upgrade and depending on the theme that you use, I think you can hide the displaying of tags on each post. In the sandbox theme, the posts tags are under the following:

    <span class="tag-links">

    Adding the appropriate change in the CSS sheet would make that disappear from the entries.


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