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Invisible text on page

  1. I am trying to start up a new blog and any text on the page is invisible. If you "highlight" it you can see that it is there but for some reason it is not showing up. Image displays fine. I have tried changing background colors and it still doesn't help. I am using the Duotone theme. Help!?!?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I only see the letter G in your newest post. Have you got the Custom Design upgrade? If so, have you set the text colour to white?

  3. Thanks for your response! No I do not have the upgrade. I have tried different background colors, so I don't believe it has anything to do with text color....

  4. also, if you highlight above the picture you can see that there is supposed to be a heading and menu

  5. Can you try uploading a new picture and seeing what happens?

  6. Thanks for your response! No I do not have the upgrade. I have tried different background colors, so I don't believe it has anything to do with text color....

    YES it has to do with the font colors. You changed the background to white and your font color is also white so you can't see anything.

    Change the background color to something else. You need to learn the art of contrasting to get a better visual impact.


  7. @raincoaster changed the image just to test and that is definitely the problem! :) Any reason for this?

    @jtanna01. NO it as nothing to do with font colors. As I stated I changed the background several times to test that theory before reaching out to the forum. Also, FYI (for whatever it is worth) I am well aware of the "art of contrasting to get a better visual impact". The background is currently white because that's the last color I tried when testing the font color theory prior to asking for help.

  8. Duotone is designed to display each post in a different color: the inner bg and the top menu tabs adopt the prevalent color of the image you insert, the outer bg and the rest of the text adopt a lighter matching color. Your image has no color information, so the theme turns all the above to transparent. Copy and upload this image:

    By the way, there's no point uploading 3293px wide images when the theme displays them at 840px maximum: you're simply wasting your storage space and increasing the loading time of your pages. Ideally you should use an image editing application to downsize your images to 840px wide before uploading them; or less than 800px wide if you want the inner bg on all four sides of the image.

  9. Perfect! Thanks so much! Yes, I had discovered that there was no point in uploading large photos because of that...haha.

    You saved the day! :)

  10. @amp24680: You're welcome.
    (Now why on earth did you turn the front of a blog into a link to a different blog?)

    @jtanna01 (since you've given several fanciful replies in these forums): You need to learn the art of not replying when you only make assumptions instead of examining the other blogger's blog and/or testing things in a test blog.

  11. Honestly I am just tinkering around. I am using wordpress to post my teaching portfolio for my undergrad degree. The Duotone theme allows me to have a large picture and format of a desired entrance page, but doesn't seem to cater to the needs of creating a more text-based presentation for the rest of my portfolio with smaller pictures throughout (due to the fact that it is a photoblog template)...and since you can't have two themes for one site, two blogs was my initial remedy.

    ....don't judge.....haha

  12. I am judging, in the sense of trying to suggest a more reasonable solution. You could select a different theme and simply set a static page as its front.

  13. Yes. I had read suggestions about static pages when researching how to achieve what I am looking for. Unfortunately, I went through the headache of trying out nearly all the free blog styles and Duotone was the only one that would display my graphic close enough to the original size for the text to be readable.

    Is there an obvious mistake or solution that I have overlooked?

    Thanks for your help and suggestions.

  14. You're probably overlooking the fact that several themes allow you to remove the sidebar, either for the whole blog or when viewing a static page; this gives you widths that exceed that of Duotone. Check the table in this post of mine, paying attention to the double or multiple numbers and the sidenotes:

  15. Wow! Thanks for posting that....super helpful. I will definitely re-visit exploring the other themes!

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