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Invisible to Wayback Machine?

  1. So, I was checking myself out on the Wayback Machine:*/ and I find I haven't been indexed since May 29, 2008. Anybody got any ideas why? Trust me, my blog has NEVER been private!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. June 2008 for me.

    Did they run out of storage space?

  3. Dunno. Is that for your blog or your independently-hosted one?

  4. I just tried
    and none have an entry for 2009

    I also tried
    and neither have an entry for 2009

    So it looks like they changed something or they broke?

    It's certainly nothing here - the bot that crawls sites checks and acts on the robots.txt and we do not block it.

  5. Maybe there's a waiting period before they post your archive?

  6. Why are there no recent archives in the Wayback Machine?

    It generally takes 6 months or more for pages to appear in the Wayback Machine after they are collected, because of delays in transferring material to long-term storage and indexing.

    Strange. But their Announcement forum has no news.

  7. And May, 2008 is WAY more than six months ago.

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