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Invisible while working on blog redesign

  1. I want to redesing my blog but while working on the new layout I don't want followers to peek into it until the thing is ready to go public. I've noticed some blogs and websites put up a "site/blog under construction" message while doing improvements. Is there a way to do this in wordpress? Any help would be welcomed? Thanks.

  2. We don't have under construction notices here. You can change your privacy setting to private and then change it back to public when you are ready to.

  3. Another alternative is to create a Page with your notice on it and then chnage your blog to having a static front page.

    P.S. Note that if you intend to post to this peer support forum for help with your redesign that Volunteers cannot see into private blogs and we are not able to help when they cannot see what they are being asked to provide help with.

  4. Thanks for the fast response. I will try those out. :)

  5. You're welcome.

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