"Invitation not sent, the user has blocked invite emails" message when inviting

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    When trying to add contibutors/editors to my blog I have encountered that some of the individuals I’ve invited are supposedly “blocking email invites”. However, I have aded about 5 contributors successfully and only two or three have “blocked”. These are all new WP users who are creating WP accounts in response to my emailed invite to be a follower but who then I can’t invite to be a contributor or editor, as needed.

    1) Is there a way to have them unblock the invite so I can invite them to be a contributor or editor?
    2) If not, is there a way to upgrade them from follower status to contributor or editor?


    The blog I need help with is ihaveaplaniowa.wordpress.com.



    1) Yes but I have no idea how.

    2) You can’t move someone from Follower to Contributor. The person needs to be added as a “User” first. Once a person is a user go to Dashboard >> Users and find their name and you can change them from Contributor to Author, Editor etc.

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