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Invitation to a private blog

  1. Admin of private blog wants to invite me and give admin rights, but does not work.
    If I follow the invitation, I can log in, but only have read rights. The admin gets also no reply that the invitation was accepted. He did the same with other users, but dont has this problem with them.
    What can be different at my account that causes this?
    I made a testblog and deleted this, but this cant cause problems, can it? Could this be a configuration/option problem of my account? I dont know what to do, because I'm the only one having this problem, all other invited user dont have this problem.

  2. You don't need to register a blog. All your need is the username account.

    They will need to click the “Accept Invitation” button in the invitation email. If they are logged into their account, they will be taken directly to your blog. If not, they will be taken to the log-in screen, where they can either log in or create a new user account.

    Note that users who create a new account at that point will still need to return to the invitation email and click the “Accept Invitation” button after doing so.

  3. I'll tag this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  4. Hello there,

    I am happy to troubleshoot this issue for you. However, for security reasons, I do need the request to come from the owner of

    Please ask that that person to email us directly -- make sure he/she sends the note using the email address listed as administrative contact on the blog.

    Also, have the owner reference ticket #403851-f in the subject line of the email.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks very much.

  5. Hello and Thank you!
    I forwarded your message to the admin of the blog. She will contact you soon, hopefully.
    Best regards,

  6. Wonderful :) I'll keep an eye out. Thanks, Silvia!

  7. Silvia,

    I launched you a new invitation to the private blog. The invitation was sent to the email address affiliated with your account.

    If you do not see it, please do check your Spam folder. Thanks very much!

  8. Hi!
    Got your invitation and tried to follow the link, but nothing different to the times before.
    Following your invitation I don't get directly forwared to the 'Smart Consumer Coach' blog. After I've logged in, I can see the contents, but I don't have any admin rights.
    Karin told me, she has never got a confirmation, that I've followed the invitation. Did you get one?
    Shall I send you my password, that you can look into my account and how this invitation following looks like for my account? Because I've seen this for a collegue, and there it was different.
    Would it be possible to send you personally my password via email? If yes, please send an email to [email redacted], that I could use this address to reply.
    Many thanks,

  9. Hello there!

    I was able to manually add you as a user to the site. However, for the sake of security, I added you as a contributor. In order to make you an Administrator, the site's owner can make the changes by clicking Users → All Users, and following the instructions here:

    Please let me know how that works out for you both! Thanks.

  10. Thanks! Now it works, and I can actually add some contributions!
    Thanks a lot!
    What was the problem, did I do something wrong?

    I will ask Karin to check as well, but should be no problems now.
    We are aware of the user-roles, that there should be only one admin and the rest of the useres authors or editors. I told her to change that.
    Thanks again for your, patience and wothful help!
    Best regards, Silvia

  11. Silvia, I am so happy it worked! Thanks so much for letting me know. I'm not entirely certain what the email confirmation issue was, but it didn't appear you did anything wrong on your end.

    Please let me know if you have any issues with this if you invite future contributors to your site! Wishing you all the best.

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