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    My blog is restricted to those I invite. To try this out I invited myself using another email and username. Instead of allowing ‘guest’ to access ‘My blog’, wordpress tried to get ‘guest’ to create his/her own blog.



    If you want to invite someone to view your blog they must register hare as a user. They don’t need a blog.



    I was just invited to join a blog. I received the invitation after I registered an account at When I click on the link in the invitation it only will take me to a page to set up my own blog and ignores the unique ID in the invitation.



    That’s probably one of the old invites from eons ago. The invites now just go to the main site. They’re not blog specific. There’s an option during signup to get just an account and skip the blog creation.


    well, this seems like a big fat ugly BUG on the side of wordpress. i have my own blog. now a friend is trying to invite me to join his, and I can’t. he’s invited me using 3 different emails, but I always get the same crappy page:
    “Get another blog in seconds. Welcome back, pamelawilliamson. By filling out the form below, you can add another blog to your account. There is no limit to the number of blogs you can have, so create to your heart’s content, but blog responsibly.”

    I don’t want to create a new blog — all I want to do is ADD MYSELF TO MY FRIEND’s blog, which he invited me to.

    WORDPRESS, what can you do to fix this and help me?!?!?!?!?



    You have two choices when you see that page. You can register at wordpress and take a blog or register only with a username and not take a blog. The bottom line is you cannot join your friend’s blog without registering with
    HTH :)



    i’m having the same problem that pamela had.

    i have a protected blog. i invited a user. the user clicked the link in the email and registered with wordpress, however they were not taken to my site but instead to the “create another wordpress blog” page. even typing in the actual domain of my site redirects them to they are registered. they have been invited. they can’t access my site.

    what’s the problem here wordpress?!



    It sounds to me like you need staff intervention. Have you contacted staff? Support hours are weekdays from 9 AM – 5 PM Pacific time.


    How do you invite people?
    I’ve done it before,but now I forgot!!!!



    Read. The. Thread.



    Go to your Admin => Users => Invites! :)


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