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    We need to know the exact email address you’re trying to invite in order to check whether or not the emails are being sent from our end. Else there’s nothing more we can do here.



    I gave you an email address before that did not work, and you never solved the problem.
    The emails are not being sent!!!
    The problem appears to be related to latency.
    Yesterday, I tried the bulk invitation with a mixture of email domains. All failed to send. Even the gmail which we know works for individual invitations!
    I can send you a string of email addresses, but the question is can you do something when you admit you are not sending the emails?
    i.e. get someone who understands how wordpress sends the subscription invites assigned?



    Please list the email addresses again.

    Also, are the potential subscribers aware that you are inviting them?



    It seems pointless repeating the same as previous. Especially when I have diagnosed the issue for you.
    Can you please answer my question on whether anything is going to be done besides confirm that you have not sent the emails.
    and why can’t you search the emails :from me rather than needing all the :to?
    No the potential subscribers don’t know. Isn’t the point of these invitations to make it easier?
    i.e. I could compose my own email and send them a subscription link; which they can use (as long as they are not on a high latency connection)



    We can certainly do more, but we need to know the email addresses you tried in the most recent attempt to trace this in our logs.

    We aren’t hearing any other reports of invitations failing to send, so we need details, and we need to dig through our logs, and we need to track if these were indeed sent from our servers or not.

    In order to do that, we need to know the email addresses you tried in the most recent attempt.

    No the potential subscribers don’t know. Isn’t the point of these invitations to make it easier?

    That could very well be the problem, they may have marked your emails as spam already, and/or blocked them.



    I would be much happier if someone who knows how your subscriptions are sent could look at this, because even if emails were sent WordPress is still wrong.

    However; if the emails were sent the pop-up that says that the emails weren’t sent is wrong and there are no pending invites displayed is wrong. !

    But we have already established that the original email was not sent, and you found no history of the email in your system. You will not find the new subscription invites. The failure to send is confirmed by the pop-up and lack of pending invites as well.

    You need someone to look at the circumstances under which the pop-up is generated. I have tested scenarios at my end and provided you the smoking gun as to the cause of the error. Latency.

    There seems to be no intention of addressing that failure to send the original email subscription invite. Hence I asked for a confirmation that something will be done before I provide half a dozen more emails, and risk wasting everyone’s time with no intention of addressing the problem.

    I am not sure what you mean by “we aren’t hearing any other reports” it sounds very close to denying there is a problem?
    Wouldn’t the scope for other reports be rather small. Although; if I am correct that it is a failure to address latency when Musk provides universal satellite internet many more of your websites will report the issue.


    I understand that this is very frustrating, however, if you’d like us to fix issues or bugs on our end we must first find them and test them.

    You mentioned you have already diagnosed them for us – we do appreciate that. But even though, it still must be tested and in order to do so, we would need to know the email addresses to which you tried to send the invitations to.
    If you write the emails on their own lines, they will be redacted and only our staff members will be able to see them.

    When we say we have not heard other reports about that, we mean just that – it’s the first time we hear about this issue and so, to report it and fix it, we first need to test and understand it.

    Thank you for collaborating with us on that! :)



    You don’t need additional emails to fix the bug that was originally reported.
    The the email was provided and redacted.
    If you want to do a test, like trace the error as it occurs, then please arrange it with me.
    But repeating a search for an email; when your own system says it has not been sent is fruitless.
    Is a log created with details of why the email was not sent? If not, that is the logical point for your testing.
    I hope it is the first time you have heard of this specific error, otherwise the chances of you fixing it are slim.
    Due to the contradictory responses to the problem I reported, I have conducted tests that confirm and provide additional characteristics of the issue. I have also suggested the likely cause to aid resolution.
    Please tell me when you are ready for a test, what the test is and what is my role in the test.



    I know this has to feel a little annoying, but I promise you that we’re asking for the info we need to sort this out on our end.

    In order to get to the bottom of this, we will need what we have already asked for: the email addresses you tried in the most recent attempt.

    If you provide the email addresses here, they will be hidden from public view, but we can also move this conversation to our email support system if you’d be more comfortable sharing those in complete privacy.

    The logs are on our end, and we will use the email addresses to search those logs and attempt to find out what happened in this most recent incident.

    If we do not receive the email addresses you tried in the most recent attempt, we cannot help further, and we will consider this matter closed as there have been no other reports.



    As for needing specific emails for investigation.
    I reported my test of the 5 Oct. As that test ended with subscription. You have the email address. Did you test why that invite mail was not sent?
    Similarly I reported test on 7 Oct which confirmed the problem is confined to the satellite connection. Did you test why the original invite did not send?
    Also, Can you explain why you can’t search for the email invite from rather than to address?



    Can you explain why you can’t search for the email invite from rather than to address?

    We do not have a log for that.

    Again, we will need to know the email addresses you tried in the most recent attempt, and we’ll need to know them specifically, not just “my test” or “ test.”

    When we have the email addresses themselves, we can search the delivery logs for those email addresses.

    If we do not receive those email addresses, we cannot proceed.

    We would like help you, but we are not receiving the information from you that we need to help you.



    If I understand you correctly.
    An issue was reported with invite emails not being sent.
    You confirmed that the email was not sent, and was not able to provide a reason why.
    I reported more invite emails not being sent. Due to subsequent subscriptions by other means you have access to these emails, but you have not investigated them. So you do not consider them öther reports”?
    You want more emails so that you can perform exactly the same search to confirm that the emails are not being sent as per the system message.
    You refuse to answer many of my questions or acknowledge my suggestions and claim that you are providing help
    You refuse to arrange a test that tries to trace the cause of the invite emails not being sent
    You threaten to close the matter; when you obviously do not understand the issue, and some of your responses indicate that some staff would benefit in training on how emails work.




    All we need are those email addresses to check our logs.

    I understand you want to do this a different way, but that’s not how our logs and system works. Scheduling a test with you will not result in any further details than simply searching our logs for the emails you tried most recently.

    Perhaps this is a conversation that would be easier to have via private email? Let us know and we will reach out to the address on your profile.



    most systems log errors.
    your system reports an email was not sent. Ideally it should log the reason it was unable to send the emails
    you have confirmed that an email was not sent or logged when I originally reported the problem
    You told me that you can see my subscriptions
    Subsequent tests I made on your behalf ended up with subscriptions being taken through your subscribe widgets
    Thus you can see those email addresses
    Through these email addresses you can confirm that the original invitations were not not sent as your system reports and I expect that you will find there is no email logged either.
    And when you confirm that what are you going to do?
    If you can’t work out how to test why and where your system generates the “did not send email”; then you will not be able to solve the problem.
    Trying the same thing and expecting different results is not a test of my issue. It is a test that you did your analysis of the original issue properly
    please commit to doing something to solve my issue rather than perpetuating a contradiction of expecting a log of an email having been sent when the evidence is to the contrary
    Can you please escalate this issue to someone who does know how to analyse and test and fix?

    And as for “Scheduling a test with you will not result in any further details than simply searching our logs for the emails you tried most recently”. Are you saying that the date and time of the failed request is not relevant to your search?
    The sad history of this issue is that you conflated my original attempt to invite with a subsequent test where the intended recipient used the subscribe widget The use of date in your search criteria would have alleviated that confusion, but so would not hypothesising that there is something wrong at the recipients end contrary to the evidence that an email was never sent!



    Sorry I misread the people in my website (email redacted) failed both the invite and failed the subscribe widget so by your logic you can search for two non-existent logs to confirm that the system message is correct



    Thank you for providing the email address. The reason your invitation to that address was failing is because our system suspected it to be a spam invitation. We’ve made an adjustment on our end, so that should no longer happen.



    did you investigate the invitation?
    does that apply to all the other invitations?
    Is it possible to change the pop-up message to be more helpful?
    or a FAQ to alleviate exchanges like this?



    We were able to use the email address you provided to track down the issue.

    It has been corrected for all invites from your site.

    We will consider changes to the messaging.



    thank you
    I did a bulk test with invittees that were not sending plus a few that do send and did not receive the message.
    Hopefully there will be responses that confirm their receipt.

    It is very strange to suspect an email address provided by me makes you standard invitation junk email. Especially for the gmail addresses that were only guilty by association with other domains, in the bulk invitation; whilst I could invite them individually with no problem.
    Also it is peculiar that the decision as to whether an email was classified as spam depended upon my which ISP I accessed my website through.
    I am struggling to think of a good reason why WordPress would want to prevent me from inviting particular contacts.



    We are not preventing you from inviting anyone, and nothing is wrong with the email address.

    Our spam filtering system looks at various factors to determine whether or not an invitation might be spammy, i.e. whether you’re using the invitation feature to send out spam emails. This is an automated system, and sometimes gets things wrong. Hopefully we’ve corrected that now.

    plus a few that do send and did not receive the message.

    Again, if an invitation showed as sent on your end, but the recipient never gets it, we’ll need to know the email address of the recipient in question in order to check if there might be a problem.

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