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Invite new user (non WordPress user)

  1. I am still unable to add a new non wordpress user to view my blog. It seems like an error with website. My blog is listed as private. Please help!!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They will HAVE to join WordPress and have a username in order for them to view your blog.

  3. To be able to view your wordpress.COM blog, the people will have to sign up for an account here (they don't have to have a blog though). That is how wordpress keeps track of who can and cannot view your blog.

    Once they have signed up, tell them to send you their username and then you can add them.

  4. Shoulda refreshed.

  5. If a non wordpress user clicks on the blog homepage - what do they see?

    I fthey dont actually see the homepage,but an invite to register? How is this recorded in the stats?

  6. I believe it's recorded as a hit, but they only see a This Blog is Private notice, not a sign-up form.

  7. Correction: I just tested it and since "Angela" doesn't load, it won't count as a hit.

    You can test it yourself by clicking on that blog. Even click on your OWN private blog, as long as you're logged out.

  8. Thanks raincoster

  9. You're welcome.

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