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"Invite" option for non-WP users isn't working

  1. In the past I have successfully invited a non-WP user to be a "contributor" to our blog using the "Invite" option: Dashboard >> Users >> Invites

    But following the same process today, it isn't working.

    They receive the 'activate' e-mails from WP, click the 'activate' link, and then receive the confirmation e-mail.

    But afterward, they do not appear as "contributors" on our blog. On the "Invites" page they are shown as "Already Invited" with the phrase "Not used (Delete)."

    I have tried several times to enroll them and it still isn't working. Can you please help resolved this?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hm, we'll definitely look into that.

    For now, I guess you'll have to manually add them.

  3. How do I manually add them?

  4. From the Users section of your blog's Dashboard, you can add anyone with a account by entering their email address.

  5. Never mind. I didn't know you had to go back and manually "Add User From Community" after you use the "Invite" function. I thought when they clicked "activate" the system would automatically add them as a "contributor."

    Thanks, FJ

  6. If you click the "Add user to my blog as a contributor" option when inviting the user, they should be automatically added, but this is broken at the moment.

    For now, manually adding after registration is the only option.

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