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    At the moment wordpress is something I might plan on using to setup a blog for a local university project. There will be 50 students blogging for a two month period. I just noticed when I sent an invite to one that I could no longer send invites. Is there a reason for this, considering that one could send an invite via regular email and have the user sign up?

    Also, more importantly, is there a user limit? Will I have issues adding 50 students able to post to the group blog?



    When you sign up you are only given one invite to use. The “invite” function is not meant to add users to your one blog.

    As far as I know there is no limit how many authors to include under your one blog. For your use all 50 would use the blog you signed up for and you designate them under users and and assign them what ever permissions you decide on.



    It also appears that you no longer have to send out invites. They can sign up themselves here.




    There are no limits to the number of people per blog or signing up.



    There is still a use for invites. With an invite I can have a link added to invited users blog once they sign up. This gives me an quick indication of if the user joined so that I can give them permission to post to the group blog. What woul be even better is if I could have them automatically added to the group of users with permission to write on the group blog, instead of just a link.

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