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    My site is private ( I have users I need to invite as viewers who do not have and don’t want a wordpress account. When I send the invites and they want to sign in, the invite asks them for their site, which they don’t have. Then in order for them to view the site, wordpress wants them to sign up for a free account. They won’t. This is for my business and I need them to be able to view the site as guests to look at the information.

    What do I do or am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you want them to be able to access your entire blog, and you have it set to Private, they will need to create a account to be able to see it. That’s the way the system will allow you to invite and authenticate them.

    However, another option would be to make your site public, but make the actual pages/posts private, so the page and post titles would show up in your navigation but a user would need to enter a password to view the content. You would just need one public page with navigation directing them to the private pages, and a way to notify the users of the password(s).

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