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    Hi Folks,

    Here’s the deal, we have a private blog – – with about 50 people invited so far. The week I sent out the initial invites I upgraded to unlimited private users because I knew I would exceed the 35 user limit for a private blog. Everyone who responded to the invites that week had no problem registering and viewing the blog. Since then, I’ve been bombarded with emails like this from invited users:
    I have a wordpress username and password and I don’t feel like I’m a total computer
    moron and yet I cannot figure out how to be included in the partners blog.

    No one who’s responded in the last week and a half to the invite, sees anything but the option to start a WordPress blog. They can’t see the one we’ve invited them to. We are dispersed around the country and for many, this is their first experience blogging. I cannot figure out why they are not getting access to a blog I’ve invited them to and I’m getting desperate for answers as I fear many will just give up and we’ll lose this chance to create more WordPress users. Life’s too short. If they have a bad experience signing up, it’ll be next to impossible to get them to try again. Thanks for any solutions you can suggest.


    There are two options presented. One can register a username and not take a blog.


    Okay, thanks. Being the originator, I couldn’t see what options people had on the other end. I’ll either invite myself or pick a local guinea pig to see if user error wasn’t the problem all along. Thanks for giving my post a glance. Hope it proves to be an easy solution.

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