Invites will not delete and are not sent

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    I have three Blogs. I I marked as being private, invitation only. The Invite shows that it been sent but it is not delivered. And, when Invites are deleted a message indicates they have been deleted, but, they are still listed on the page. And, when I add/insert a known WordPress community member the system indicates that this user cannot be found.



    Invites are a hold over from the old system. Don’t worry about them. They only invite users to sign up with in general.

    Are you sure you’re entering the actually email address the user signed up with here at 99% of the time in the past the admin isn’t. You may want to check with them.



    Yep – (email redacted) – was added as a WordPress user. In my Blog (and I tried this in all three of my WordPress Blogs) the admin option (Add User From Community) ‘cannot locate this user’. Upon failure, the system then defaults to ‘Invite User’. And, Invite user apparently does not send the invite email. Yikes!

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