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    I am trying to invite a new user. I receive a message ‘Invitation sent’ but she is not listed in my list of users and she is not receiving an invitation. I have read through pages of messages on this topic but it seems the answer is the invite again (I’ve done that 5 times now) and the topic has been closed without it seems any real solutions. Please advise if there is any recent advice on this? Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello Hnsaiffi
    Thanks for responding to my query. I have already followed the instructions in the link you sent me — five times. All my other invitations, about 40, have worked and are listed. However one is just not working. I have checked my list again (the next link you sent me) and all my invitees are there except the one I am concerned about. If you have any other ideas I’d be so grateful for them. Many thanks.



    You can invite 10 users at a time and can’t send more invitations untill the previous ones are accepted. So there can not be 11 pending invitations.


    Thank you once again Hnsaifi. I’m so grateful you are sticking with me. The person who I invited and is not listed was the first to be invited. Then I invited her five more times and she was first for her second invitation. I have already invited 47 users and they are all listed and gradually responding. So I’m not sure about the 10 limit (except that I only invite 10, or less, at one time). I read in the instructions that I could invite as many as I wish as long as I did it in groups of 10 maximum. The invitations seem to be working for everyone except one person. Any other ideas? I’d so appreciate them if you can help. Many thanks.


    Hnsaifi, have you given up on this one. I tried again to invite this user. Nothing happened so I tried yet again and another user popped up — I don’t know who they are but there they are and they are listed as coming from the area (a tiny place in Australia) where the user I wish to invite comes from. This is really starnge. Any ideas?



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