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    Hi! I am brand new here and I’ve aready set up two blogs! One is “The Marvels of Mary” which talks about the life of Mary and the role She plays in our lives and the other is “Sites and Insights into My Techie World”. The latter was created for my Master’s program which starts today.

    My question is two- fold but they both lead others to hopefully view and subscribe to my blogs. How do I reach out to others with my same themed blogs to view their page(s)? (I am thinking here, for exmaple,reaching out to others that have something written about Mary or the rosary.)…. Also, how do I invite people I know to view my blogs? (This one is espcially for the one for my Master’s program.)

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    well I have an idea. when you find an interesting site and it had the same pattern as yours. Just comment on the author and the author will automatically read your blog and comment you back. do that with a lot of blogs. it will get you good traffic and maybe new reader.
    if you’re looking for a specific blog just search it from the dashboard.
    And if you wanna invite someone to view your blog.
    Just go to “Users” at the bottom left in your profile and click on “invites” than send it.
    Goodluck. I hope I helped



    We can’t really offer assistance until you give us a link to each blog, starting with http.

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