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Inviting users from my GAL and writing email invites

  1. Can anyone HELP with the following:
    -How do I send email invites to emails from my GAL w/o having to type every address
    -How do I automate the process of the email to address it to the person I'm sending the invite to?
    Need answer fast, working on a project for VP. This is my first time trying to understand "Blogging" so not sure of the language.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but there is no automated way to import a subscribers/followers/friends list into your free hosted blog.

  3. really? so if I want to invite my co-workers to wordpress and blog about my idea, I would have to "cut and paste" their address to my email invite? is there a way to change the body of the email to the person I am sending the email to or is that manual process too?

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