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    When I send invitations to people to view my private blog, and they click on the invitation link, they are taken to the public blog area of wordpress and cannot access my blog (even those who already have wordpress usernames. What to do?



    This is the blog linked to your username
    It is not a private blog but it does have a password protected post.

    Which blog are your referring to? Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog and know we Volunteers cannot see inside it.

    When we register a username here and we are logged in under that username and we create a blog that blog is registered under that username and no other. Do you have more than one username account?



    Aha. Yes I do have another username – tenbutterfingers is an old one I had thought was now inactive so I have been using a more recent one.
    So the private blog in question is and this would likely be registered under the newer username.
    I am trying to invite family to view it.
    What next?
    PS thanks for the prompt response.


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    Then you should invite your users when you are logged in with the new username/account.

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