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  1. Hello. I cannot find my invoices. Domain Two invoices (october 2nd and 4th) are not visable in my dashbord (paid upgrades - billing history). Amounts of 13 and 30 dollars. Please help me with finding the invoices, we need them for administration. Thanks, Perry Vermeulen, Groep5700. [email redacted]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am not seeing any upgrade associated with the account that you are posting from. Could you have a second account that purchased the upgrades? If so, logging into it and viewing Billing History may solve the issue.

  3. $ 13.- sounds like domain mapping, is there a custom domain name you have mapped somewhere? That name would help @rootjosh to help you

  4. Auxclass, you are very likely correct. And I would guess that $30 might be Custom Design.

    Perhaps that will help the user jog their memory.

  5. Could also be No Ads

  6. Thanks all. When logging in to the dashboard, I use the account groep5700ar. Every year I get invoices at this account. We have done it this way for three years now - domain mapping and No Ads.
    Every year I get the invoices, this year they are not where they should be...
    So still didnt solve this case... :)
    Best wishes, Perry Vermeulen, Netherlands

  7. So it looks like at some point you must have switched from the account: perryvermeulen to the one you are posting from. The perryvermeulen account is the one that had been purchasing the upgrades.

  8. And Auxclass, you are 2 for 2. Domain mapping and No Ads. Game, set, match, sir.

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