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    I realise that this is not where iPad users should post for help, but it seems that if you do ask a question on that forum very often it never gets answered. It’s very frustrating if you need an answer to a question fairly quickly (as happens on here) and your blog could be gathering dust before you do possibly, maybe get an answer. It’s no wonder people come here for help when they see that site. Some of the questions are months or years old or they’ve been locked to further postings.


    Sorry. That was not meant to be all in bold. Just one word. Ho hum.


    I don’t know that we can help, but what is your question?


    I use the iPad WordPress app for writing and posting and very good it is. However, when I am editing prior to publishing, and think another image is needed, I can’t put it into the relevant place in the post. It is always inserted at the bottom. I can only insert them in my chosen place while still writing the blog. So frustrating.
    I hope you can help, sacredpath. Thank you for answering.


    Before doing the insert are you placing the cursor in the text where you want the image placed?


    Well, as soon as I touch photo icon, with the cursor in place, the page slides back down and the saved copy is showing but cursor disappears. I don’t know if you know what I mean by all that. It’s so very different to PCs. I have Googled it but no luck so far, but I’ll keep on digging.


    I have an iPad and have the App installed, but have no images on it to even play with. Also it is only hooked to my main blog and I don’t want to use that for testing purposes.

    Later I’ll set up another blog on it and play with some images, but it will likely be tonight (Hawaii time).


    Ooh you are kind. Thank you. I’ll do the same with a spare empty posty thingy. (I’m so technical) and that will be tonight, (Norwich UK time) lol.


    thesacredpath. I’ve cracked it. It’s so simple it’s embarrassing. All it is is a simple cut and paste job. Oh my word! I’m so glad I’ve found out how it’s done though.
    Thank you so much for your time and patience and very prompt replies. :-)

    J L



    If you share the specifics of the “fix” then when the next member asks we will have the answer right here for them in this thread. Would you like to do that please?


    You mean insert the image, then cut it and paste it where you want it?


    Yes, sacred, that’s all it is. Simple as that.



    Got it. Thanks :)

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