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IP address

  1. Where do I find my wordpress IP address so that I can use my own domain so that it can point to my wordpress site?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You don't need your IP address. You just need the Domain Mapping upgrade

  3. Great big thanks to Raincoaster for prompt reply. This appears to be a
    easy solution. I have submitted to the upgrade and wonder how long it is before the process is complete?

  4. If everything is done correctly, the DNS will take a few hours to settle down. Usually it's working within twelve hours, but it can take up to 72. Meanwhile your regular URL still works.

  5. Ok that is fabulous I will check it out in 12 hours. Have a good night!

  6. My domain is registered through They also host an e-mail account that is important to me. If I use the standard Domain Mapping protocol, I will lose my e-mail service. Therefore, I need to point my domain at to my WordPress site. requires an IP address for two (2) text fields in their control panel. How do I find this address or otherwise accomplish what my objective?

  7. Hi dfcancel, yes I am having the same problem regarding my email address. I have upgraded as raincoaster suggested, which is all fine, but the final step suggests that I will lose my email facility attatched to my domain which is with . So like you, when I'm in registerdirect its prompts me with text fields requiring IP adresses like so
    Master Name Server Host: Example:

    Master Name Server IP:

    Slave Name Server Host: Example:

    Slave Name Server IP:

    Also, I have an email from

    "Just a note regarding your WordPress delegation email.
    You have asked to delegate your DNS to NS1.WORDPRESS.COM NS2.WORDPRESS.COM NS3.WORDPRESS.COM
    please note that if you do this your email WILL stop working because you are moving your whole domain name away from RegisterDirects name servers.
    The better way to do this is to contact your host and ask them for an "A" record IP address number for the website, this way we can point just your website to wordpress and keep your email running on RegisterDirect."

    So, is "" my "host" they're referring to? If not, what exactly is a host? do I have to sign up to a hosting service?? - I see wordpress has some suggsted "hosts"...

    I would really appreciate any feedback! As you can see I am clueless!

    Many thanks,

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