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IP address and A records, I think...

  1. I'm moving my website from Posterous to WordPress, and I already have a domain. I'm trying to re route my URL (sorry I'm probably using the words wrongly - I'm not very techy!)

    Yesterday I thought I should do it by mapping a subdomain, and paid WordPress for this, and changed the C records on my fasthosts control panel. As a result I now get no incoming emails and my URL still goes to my old website - big fail!

    I phoned fasthosts and they said to change my C records back (now done) and said I should get my IP address from WordPress so I can change my A records. They said if I change my domain name servers as the WordPress page advises then it'll slow my email down, so is not recommended.

    I can't see the IP address anywhere, and am hoping this isn't related to the phrase 'We do not currently accept incoming domain transfers'.

    Rather confused: please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Fasthost needs to get better Tech support people - see below for how to REALLY get things working

    You also need a zone record added - I will flag this for the staff to help

  3. I have looked at the first of those pages, but that was where I got conflicting advice from fasthosts. The third page is helpful (fasthosts isn't listed on the 2nd page).

    You're saying that I do need to change my name servers then? And presumably I didn't need to pay for the subdomain mapping?

  4. Subdomain mapping is only if your blog needs to look like part of another site i.e. -

    Domain mapping is when you want things to look like

    You seem to have really bought Domain Mapping with your name servers pointing to WordPress.COM

    The last link above Add other Email is the correct link - you will need to get probably just an A record & MX record - but that comes from where your email is hosted - you change the records here

  5. Thanks. I've been back onto fasthosts and changed the nameservers there to wordpress. They were insistent that the advice on 'add other email' was wrong. They said I need to get the WordPress MX records to point back to fasthosts.

    I fear that once the nameserver change comes into effect I'll have no emails again. Feeling rather stuck.

  6. You change the MX records (and sometimes other records as well) here at WordPress.COM - - BUT the MX (& other) record info needs to come from the email host -

    I have a mapped domain and my email is hosted at my old host -

    This is what I needed to do:

    Like I said above - find a real Tech person at Fast Host

  7. Well each time I've had a different fasthosts person. This one seemed more helpful, so I've added my MX records on wordpress. Fingers crossed!

  8. Just to be clear:

    • If you are mapping a subdomain you don't point your nameservers to WordPress, you add C records on your current host. In this case MX records don't need changing
    • If you map a domain then you do point the nameservers to WordPress. In this case you do need to edit the MX records to allow email to continue to work.
  9. I've set the MX records from fasthosts in the Custom DNS records screen on WordPress, and waited 72 hours, but it's still not working.

    I've phoned fasthosts back and they insist I only need the MX records, but that I also need to enter their IP address somewhere in my WordPress account. I can't find where though - does anyone know?

    I've had no emails incoming or outgoing for 3 days now and I'm getting quite worried - I'd really appreciate more help on this.

  10. Can someone help me with this please?

    I'm also not sure if I should alter the mail servers on my phone and computer?

  11. Can someone help me with this please?

    not until you post the info you got from your email host - then someone can take a look at the records and maybe make a suggestion to help you

  12. The information I got was my mx records and my ip number. You want me to post them here? That doesn't sound very safe. Aren't they confidential? I have already put my mx records in the custom dx screen.

    I'm sorry I don't mean to be rude it's just that you hear so much about identity theft and online fraud and things and I don't understand enough to know what's safe and what's not. I do appreciate your help!

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    The MX and IP address are items that are used by potentially thousands of users that use the same email provider. auxclass is not asking for your username or password.

  14. ljkjklqljkhwhljkfqjhklfqjlkqjlh

    Ps: please keep in mind that the people trying to help you here are volunteers, and thus do not have access to your account to make sure the correct information is set properly.

  15. MX records are public as are any C name TXT records etc - if they are not public your blog or email will not work - I have custom records for my mapped domain - every time an email is sent to me the records are checked - all someone needs to know is where and how to look

  16. Yes @andrewcpht, thanks I did realise that, and I appreciate your help.

    My MX entry is: MX 10

    Fasthosts IP address is, although I still haven't found anything that tells me how to use that yet. Fasthosts say I need to enter it somewhere in WordPress.

    Many thanks

  17. This should work based on what I had to do for my move - note the full stop (period) after the name
    I will also flag this for the staff to review the records

    MX 10
    A mail

  18. Those should work, but it might be:

    CNAME mail

    Instead of A mail. It depends on how they're mail system is setup. It's also entirely possible that you only need the MX record.

    I recommend double-checking with your email provider.

  19. Many many thanks @auxclass - I've done what you suggested and this has made a HUGE difference. I now have emails coming in that had been missing for days! Still some missing that I know of, but maybe they're still playing catch up.

    I'm still not able to send emails from my iPhone though - not sure why not. Will check tomorrow if they'll go from my iMac. Maybe I need the cname suggested by @maxmanx too? My email provider said I only needed the MX and IP (but failed to give me the right syntax for either) so I don't have much confidence in them anymore.

    Many thanks and wishing you a restful night (unless of course you're somewhere in the world where it's still day!)

  20. My email provider said I only needed the MX and IP (but failed to give me the right syntax for either) so I don't have much confidence in them anymore.

    That's probably where the problem lies. The IP could be either an A or CNAME record. Before you try swapping them, I recommend contacting them one more time. It's possible that you may get someone on their end who's a bit more knowledgable than the last person. ;)

  21. You be welcome

    Don't bash them too hard on the syntax - different systems have slightly different syntax - when I moved here - I kept my email at my old host - I got the records from their head tech engineer - and things blew up - right info but wrong syntax - I had to get one of the engineers here to help with the syntax

  22. Thanks. It seems that I can't send emails from my iMac either: it says 'could not connect to this SMTP server. Check your network connection and that you entered the correct information in the account preferences'.

    It used to work so presumably I need to make some changes. I assume this is to do with fasthosts rather than wordpress?

  23. Actually no: it seems I needed to remove the original MX listing in WordPress. However now I need to wait another 24 hours to see if its sorted or not!

  24. All sorted now: it seems outgoing emails can be stopped by excess wrong things in the MX records too.

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