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    I would like to exclude IP addresses from the Site Stats of my wordpress site.
    Blog url: http://hchauhan11.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is hchauhan11.wordpress.com.


    Your IP address is not included in your stats. If your blog is Private then the stats do record your own visits to your blog, but, on a public blog your visits are not recorded, if you are logged in.



    Thank you for your response, I may not be asking the right question here…

    I manage my company blog – blog.starbase.co.uk

    As several internal staff members access the blog as well as our IT developers, I need to exclude their IP addresses from the site stats. I need to exclude the any staff addresses so that it does not skew the overall site stats.

    I have read that once each user has a login address they will not be tracked as long as they’re logged in. But as our organisation is quite large it would be difficult to ensure that everyone has a address and is logged in everytime they access the blog…

    Hope this makes sense, thanks again!


    Is it a WordPress.com blog? This forum is for WP.Com only.



    its a wp.org – I didn’t realise they were separate entities

    So i’m in the wrong place…


    We cannot help you here at WordPress.com with that site as it’s not being hosted by WordPress.com and we run on different software. This is the correct forum for your software http://wordpress.ORG/support/ If you have not registered a WordPress.org username account yet you can do so on the top right hand corner of the page I just linked to so you can post to those support forums.
    WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: The Differences

    re: stats
    Staff have requested that folks with Jetpack issues post their questions to the existing Jetpack forum at WordPress.org, since it would be easier to keep support focused in one place as much as possible: http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/jetpack

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