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    Hi Guys,
    I built a blog site at socialalchemy2011.com.au which I then directed to a domain socialalchemy.com.au.
    I paid the small premium to have this stored at the domain .com.au on the website successfully.

    Just after posting the site, my hosting provider created many difficulties and so I have changed the DNS to another host.
    Would you please tell me either the DNS or IP Address I need to add in order to host this site?

    Please note that my email is presently down with the propagation of the new DNS.
    Please use (email redacted) to contact me.
    I will check back in at forums also to see if there is any update.



    The blog I need help with is socialalchemy.com.au.


    On this site, socialalchemy.com.au , you mention your new host as being hostgator. Hostgator has to tell you the DNS you need to use.


    Thanks Richard- I have the DNS added from Hostgator. I will check that my nameservers are on the wordpress.com.



    If you’re mapping your domain here, you’ll need to follow this guide and use the nameservers detailed there: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/map-existing-domain/

    If you’re directing the domain else where, you’ll need to get the nameservers from your hosting provider, as thesacredpath mentioned earlier.


    Thanks James- working it now, and hoping to have some joy once the propagation takes hold. Will be back to you and Richard shortly with progress.

    Thanks again guys- gold!



    You’re welcome!


    Thanks again to James and Richard:

    Here is where I am up to. I have gained a better understanding of what I am doing, so am now asking the right questions.
    Still some unanswered stuff, and have reduced the situation to my summary below.
    Thanks for the information above- it was invaluable!

    I’ll check back in when I am successfully up and running with operational email!

    “Hi Guys,

    Have had a highly educational experience of getting a more ‘intimate’ understanding of webhosting the last 48 hours. A bit of a baptism by fire for a Luddite like me.
    All is generally well, excepting some disruption along the way.
    I am learning a lot, and so becoming a better member of the wordpress community, and improving my skills at the same time.

    I understand I need to enter new custom DNS records. http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/custom-dns/

    I have already updated the primary domain with the new website information (socialalchemy.com.au).

    I have two questions relating to changing the wordpress nameservers and maintaining existing email for that domain name:
    1.Where/how do I get the information for the custom DNS records?
    2. How long do I wait before editing the DNS after entering the wordpress nameservers? (what is the best way to minimise email disruption?)

    My understanding is that I take the following steps:
    1. Prepare the data for the custom DNS records. (see question 1 above)
    2. Enter wordpress nameservers: NS1.WORDPRESS.COM
    3. Wait for propagation. (see question 2 above)

    The help from everybody has been fantastic, and the forum community is working well.

    Further clarification would be great in order to do this next bit with the minimum disruption to have the optimum wordpress experience.





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