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IP address problem

  1. I have an upgraded WordPress account and DNS registry through GoDaddy. My site's URL ( gives a strange message -- "This webpage is not available
    The connection to was interrupted."

    GoDaddy says the IP address should be; however, I have no idea of how to change it. Why/how it was changed is another question I need to pursue, but for today -- how do I get it back? Immediate response appreciated -- all other forms of contacting WP support have been fruitless.


    for NAMI North Coastal San Diego

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What does it say on the dashboard Domains page? Do you have the domain mapping upgrade?

  3. Thanks Raincoaster. Yes, I believe we do. I know WordPress has a yearly charge - I'm assuming that is what it is for. I am taking over the web master duties and so am not clear on all the details. The site was working for the past 11 months or so and just stopped working in the last week or 10 days. The admin module associated with the domain name (e.g., is not functioning either. I can see the original WordPress account - so I can see the past payments to WordPress.

    The URL has not changed but somehow the IP address is pointing to the right one. I cannot see where to specify an IP address in the WordPress dashboard.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks again for your help.

  4. - Is registered with Wild West Domains (WordPress.COIM) - but the name servers are pointing to it looks like Godaddy - if you are hosted on Godaddy that is correct and you have a problem with your account at Godaddy

    If you are trying to map to a blog here then the name servers are not set correctly - it looks like you might have had domain mapping in the past for to a blog here

  5. Thanks Auxclass - I think you understand it precisely. I've talked with GoDaddy multiple times and they have stated each time it is not them. They want WordPress to point to a specific IP address ( -- do you have any idea how to make that happen? Is it something I can do or is that something WordPress has to do? If it is something I can do -- can you give me clues on that?


  6. There is no permanent IP address for any blog. does not provide static IP addresses, so you won't be able to map your domain by IP if that's what you are trying to do.

  7. Does Godaddy want the fixed IP addresses because they will host your email with your blog here?

    If so you are talking with the wrong tech

  8. No, email is through other resources.

    Some how, around June 4th or 5th, the IP address mysteriously changed. It was working until then, and now GoDaddy says that the IP address is not right. It was not changed by me - as my posts might indicate, I have no idea how to do that. We are using WordPress for a simple website - nothing else right now.

  9. If there is no permanent IP address possible, why is GoDaddy asking for it - telling me that it is not right and that it has to be a specific one? I have gotten nothing but the run around on this from them.

    Has anyone experienced any thing like this? Any thoughts on how to fix it?

    Thanks everyone for you thoughts so far.

  10. I'm having the exact same problem as you. I'll keep you posted if I find a solution.

  11. I sent a message through the WordPress support form and heard back from the WordPress Staff (thanks Rachel!) It apparently happens when the DNS is hosted through a company like GoDaddy. Here is her reply in case it helps others. She reset the IP address for me - now I just have to figure out where to do that for next time.
    --- Rachel's reply ---
    I have updated your A record to use the IP address requested by GoDaddy. Please allow 48-72 hours for this change to take full effect.

    You can also manage your domain's DNS in the Domain Administration section under Store > Domains in your dashboard. It looks like you originally made these DNS changes (including the A record) for your domain last year. Because website hosting providers sometimes change the IP address used for sites, sometimes the A record needs to be updated to the new IP address. This is likely what happened in this case.

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