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    I’m trying to forward my domain name to my wordpress website. Sadly they’re asking for an IP adress and not an URL. Where do I find the IP adres of my website? Thank you.

    My page for reference; IP


    The blog I need help with is wingedmigrationsite.wordpress.com.


    Hi @wingedmigrationsite,
    The best way to may your domain to your WordPress.com blog/site is to change your domain’s name server value’s to these:

    Read about it here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/map-existing-domain#2-ask-your-domain-provider-to-update-your-dns-settings

    However, if your registrar requires that you create A records, then i am tagging this question with the modlook tag so that it gets the staff attention(they will be able to provide you with the required IP Addresses). If you wish to reach the staff directly for your future questions, just add the modlook tag in the Tags section with your question.

    Read about the modlook tag here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/getting-help-in-the-forums/#how-do-i-get-a-moderatorstaff-reply-for-my-question

    NOTE: WordPress.com IP’s change over time due to which, your domain might stop working at some point in the future. If that happens, please get in touch with the WordPress staff using the modlook tag or by directly contacting support at: https://wordpress.com/help/contact, to find out the most current IP’s and then update your A records accordingly.


    The best way to map your domain*


    Looks like this question is already tagged with the modlook tag.


    So… just ignore the modlook part. :)



    Hi there,

    Do you want your WordPress.com site to appear at your custom domain? Then you don’t want domain forwarding – while it will have the same end result it will prevent several features on your site from working correctly.

    To connect your domain to your WordPress.com site, you need the domain mapping upgrade. First you’ll need to purchase a plan under My Site ->Plans, and then you can add the domain mapping upgrade under My Site ->Domains:

    Use a Domain You Already Own (Domain Mapping)

    We recommend that you change the domain’s name servers to point it here, as @optidusprime mentioned, but you can do it using A-records as well.

    You will need to add two A-records with these IPs:


    Thank for the quick response Otpidusprime. Amazing.

    My problem seems to have resolved itself, my domain name provider offered a solution so I don’t need the IP adres anymore.

    Thank you very much.


    And also thank you kokkiek. I posted after your latest response.



    Awesome! Glad to know everything worked out.
    All the best :)



    @otpidusprime- This question has been coming up quite frequently recently, so I’ve added tags for “IP Address” and “A-Record” so that it is possible to find this thread and information again quickly by doing a tag search. However, IP addresses do change, so I wouldn’t refer to this thread again in another 2 months, but for this week at least, it should be OK. :)



    Thank You So Much @justjennifer,
    I will make sure i follow those tags for those queries :)

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