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    I spent the past 3 years blogging over at Blogger. Though I love blogging at WordPress, I am disappointed that my stats are not as descriptive as what I had with Site Meter and Stat Counter. Even installing StatCounter and SiteMeter, I can’t see all of the info I used to see when at Blogger. I am assuming this is a Java issue.

    I do like the WordPress Stats – but couldn’t you add something where we can actually see the IP information for those visiting our blog? I used to be able to see all this with SiteMeter and StatCounter when I could add the Java widget. I miss being able to know where they are coming from, IP address, location, where they came from, etc.

    Or…is there anyway around the ‘no Java widget’ rule here on WordPress?

    The blog I need help with is prayeatlovelaugh.wordpress.com.


    OK , this idea is very good for wordpress.com



    Yes the issue is javascript. http://en.support.wordpress.com/code/

    However, you can use sitemeter and statcounter and other third party visitor tracking programs on wordpress.com blogs, PROVIDED you get the non-javascipt HTML code. See this article for choices you can make > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/tag/visitor-tracking/

    May I ask why you need to know the IPs of your visitors? What useful purpose does it serve?


    I can tell if my stalker has found my blog and reading by the IP address….I have gone through so many blogs to get away from them. I hate that I can use my Histats counter to monitor my blog. I really don’t care who is reading it except for one person.



    I have installed StatCounter on my blog and have access to the IP addresses and country of visitors, the URLs they visited, but nothing else because of the JavaScript block. The only use I have of IP addresses is to see if I have returning visitors.

    This being said, sorry to sound pessimistic, but there are many ways your “stalker” could change IP addresses… Just Google “how do I change my IP address”.



    Hello there,
    I can get a new IP and so can any stalker in no time flat. Unplug the router, user another router, wait for several hours for the IP to change, use another computer, use another app, etc. What that means is means focusing on a single IP is misleading and creates a false sense of security.

    No one is anonymous on the internet. Even when we use a pseudonym we leave digital breadcrumbs trails wherever we go. The way stalkers find their prey time and time again is simply stated; the prey provides the information required so the digital breadcrumb trail is easy to follow. If you do not want the stalker to locate your blog then do not reveal ANY personal information in your blog and change the visibility to “private” to keep search engines from indexing the content.

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