IP Tracking and Privacy

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    I had a IP tracking app last year that helped out greatly when I viewed who was looking at my site. This helped due to unwanted people in geographical areas. Is there such an app that can let me view which IP addresses have viewed my site and possibly block? Any help here would be great!

    The blog I need help with is crowvizion.com.



    The blog attached to your name is private. Nobody you don’t invite to see it will be able to look at it, so don’t invite those people.


    The problem is that IP address are no longer unique, and in some instances where an ISP (such as a telephone company or cable company) covers a large geographical area, it is really difficult to see where people are coming from accurately. As an example where I used to live, sometimes my IP would be shown as Cheyenne Wyoming, sometimes as Salt Lake City Utah, and sometimes as Denver Colorado, the closest of which was 340 miles from where I lived, and the farthest was over 800 miles.

    Statcounter, Sitemeter and Activemeter all have plain HTML code that you can put into a text widget, that will give you some of this information, but do be aware that it might be wildly inaccurate. Also, you have to use the plain HTML code, you cannot use the javascript code.

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