iPad displays "Sign me up" popup which won't dismiss or move

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    When I look at my blog on an iPad (not onswipe theme) I get the subscriber pop-up which says

    “Follow…. Get every new post delivered to your inbox.

    See here for a screen capture

    However, this pop-up can’t be dragged to one side or dismissed by pressing the “+” button.

    Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

    Note: I am using an iPad OS 4.3.4

    The blog I need help with is wilkes888.wordpress.com.




    I checked out your blog on iPad 3 with iOS5 and everything looks good to me. There’s a distinct possibility that this is related to older iOS versions on iPad, or perhaps the version of iPad. Can you try updating iPad to see if this issue persists?




    Hi pcrumm/timethief,

    I had actually disabled this feature altogether as per this thread.

    I have now re-enabled this feature so that you can try to see the problem again.

    I understand what you are saying about this possibly being an Apple iPad OS issue, however since it’s my readers complaining (not myself), upgrading my own iPad won’t resolve the issue!



    I have just checked and the pop-up is re-enabled again… the behaviour is identical to this screenshot.

    I note that pressing the “+ Follow” button will just move the box a few cm up or down on the screen, it wont “hide” itself… (which is the behaviour I see on a Windows Laptop using Google Chrome).


    I’ve also just noticed this problem. Also the footer describing my theme and customisation ‘sticks’ to the page and follows it when I scroll up and down. It’s rendering the ipad view of my blog unusable. As above it’s also other ipad users I’m worried about – I can’t update everyone else’s devices. Surely we should be able to rely on WP blogs displaying correctly across platforms and versions?


    …and PLEASE do not recommend using the ‘onswipe’ ipad option, it’s dreadful! Thanks…



    Hi again,
    Have you bloggers you tried posting here for support?


    Thanks timethief, is there a way to copy this thread over wholesale? Nothing I can see on there at the moment which covers this, and there are numerous posts here. Perhaps pcrumm can help?



    The two sites are completely separate so what you suggest can’t be done. It’s a copy and paste job or a link back to this thread.


    Oh lordy it wants me to register, I really can’t be bothered. My ipad users will just have to suffer!




    From what I can see of http://ios.forums.wordpress.org/ it appears that this is for the IOS apps for WordPress, not viewing the site. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Also, can someone tell me when an engineer is going to look at this. Right now I’m now annoying my readers again by switching this on. Is it going to be another week?





    You can disable the pop-up altogether but obviously it will disable this for the correctly working (non-iPad) viewers.

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