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iPad format

  1. That's great to offer this. Well, no I don't have an iPad and won't be getting one for ages, if that. I have other financial things to look after that are greater priority.

    Wish I knew what the full effect looked like when I change and customize the settings as explained by WordPress.

    But for certain someone there loves the bright blue for a colour iPad skin. So I changed it to neutral and have no idea what I did..was the font light or dark? So we need to know the default settings for those of us who don't have iPad but want our blogs to still look decent on iPad.

    Thank you. :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. gypsyworldspicecafe

    I disabled this iPad feature until they work out things... It is cool because it let's users flip thru pages... However, there is no way to subscribe by mail/rss/etc.or share via twitter...

  3. Well, I don't know about the iPad, but the mobile version of your site looks just fine on my iPhone, and the browsers are the same, so the only difference should be that the stuff will be a little larger when viewed.

  4. maidiebike, if you have Safari installed on your computer, go to Preferences -> Advanced and check "Show Develop menu in menu bar."

    Then, go to Develop -> User Agent and select "Safari iOS 3.2.2 - iPad" and load your blog. You'll have to approximate the swiping gestures with click/drag, but you should get the general idea.

    thesacredpath, we actually launched a special iPad-only theme separate from the mobile theme. It's pretty cool:

  5. Ah, thanks macmanx, I hadn't seen that.

  6. You're welcome! :)

  7. gypsyworldspicecafe

    Thanks for the link to release statement.... Theme is snazzy ....

    I guess this theme does not support subs option features.... Email... Rss.... When I view my pst, only Facebook and Pressthis sharing buttons are visible... Twitter button is not visible.... Waiting to enable this theme until I see it was addressed ....

  8. Hi. I have a quite serious issue with the way my theme (White as Milk) appears on the iPad. My blog depends on a very clear distinction between text I write and text I quote. White as Milk indents text that is quoted. It's clear what is me and what is not. With the iPad version there is no difference in the way text displays – which makes a complete nonsense of the blog.



  9. OK ... I guess the only solution is to turn off the iPad display altogether in preferences.

    Is up up to the creator of each theme to create an iPad version of that theme that mirrors its features? Are we going to get some choices on this eventually?

  10. gypsyworldspicecafe


  11. And as to the final 2 questions?

  12. gypsyworldspicecafe

    Let me know what u find out... Am in the same boat... I disabled it until the features I want are available....

  13. As this is a brand new feature perhaps contacting Staff directly is the way to go.
    announcement link >

  14. Help me please...

    I want that my blog back..
    Since today i cant see my blog my picture my video..
    How we can disabile this iPad version???

  15. @undervale
    Please contact Staff directly >

  16. You can disable the iPad theme at Appearance -> iPad in your Dashboard.

  17. Thanks, mac. My partner has a Mac, so he'll be trying it out based on your advice.

  18. You're welcome!

    You can also do the same trick using Safari on a PC.

  19. I have an ipad. It was a present, which is a good thing, 'cause if i had payed money for it, it would hurt. I had hoped to get a usefull tool, but got a frequently malfunctioning toy. The craziest thing is, its not the pad itself, but the enforced format that gives me most of the problems. Many site administrators, also in wordpress, believe the format is an advantage for ipad users. I experience that this is not true. Links can not be reached at all or are practicly unreadable (try scrolling through some 500 comments every time (every time!) you check a link). Zoom features are KO. Normal browsing doesn't work. Even the ipad request page is a disaster, because it mostly fails to pass to anything but home pages. Can anyone please tell me how i can switch it of, its driving me crazy. How can i get my ipad to not be id'ed as an ipad and forced into this nightmare of misprogramming?

  20. You can disable the iPad theme at Appearance -> iPad in your Dashboard.

  21. That only changes my own post. What i need is a hint on how to disable enforced ipad formatting on other posts i.e. not being recognised as ipad.

  22. Try dig this. I read comments on a post on Fukushima nuke situation. Not exactly a just-for-fun blog. This is a scientific post. There is close to 500 comments on that post and seas of link references that all deserve checking. Links can no longer be opened in another page (function disabled in ipad format). Returning to the post after visiting a link forces me to swipe down for about ten minutes before i find the comment i was at. My own blog controls are disabled (bar is gone). Even if i try to keep two pages open with the same post, so i can at least get back faster, the capacity of the ipad forces a reload, which puts me back at the main post i.e. leaves me scrolling for ten minutes anyway. The side bar scroller doesn't allow fast scrolling. Who invents such a mistake? Really, i have an ipad and get nuked off side by a format made for ipads. Help!

  23. We're working on a front-facing toggle switch for users, much like what we've done for the mobile theme.

  24. Love ya! Looking forward to it for real.
    There's one thing that still makes me curious. This site i refered to is from a guy that takes his thing very serious. Yesterday i tried to get him to see that his post is no longer readable for ipad users (technically sure, but practically zero). It's as if he doesn't get it. His posts were perfectly readable before this format hit. That post is getting cheered from all sides for being the one plain talk info site in a global panic, yet he accepts loosing all ipad users over its appearance. That doesn't make sense.

  25. I love WordPress and appreciate all the work the developers do. I do think, however that releasing OnSwipe in this way was not the way to go. The toggle switch is exactly what is needed so look forward to that.

  26. I found the switch after complaining to wordpress though the support sight. Some of my readers don't like the iPad interface, and currently the design options are fairly limited.

    It would be nice if wordpress made the option available to iPad readers whether they want to view the blog in iPad swipe or standard display modes.

  27. Why not get an iPad generation 1? Verizon is selling them for $300 now..

  28. Is there a way for a user to turn the onswipe off? I use an ipad and one of thesites I like has the onswipe "on" and I really hate it. It should be user switchable.

  29. I was horrified at the mess this iPad version made of my own blog. I've just arrived at this forum and was pleased to see that there is a fix, which I will try out as soon as I get to my desktop computer. But I read that the fix will only work for my own blog - not for others I look at. This is crazy. For a start it should have been opt-in and not opt-out. But for the change to obliterate so many standard blog features is inexcusable. It's dumbing down to an unacceptable degree.

    There is another fix for this shambles - use a different browser. The style on my blog is unchanged on Atomic Web Browser, which is much nicer than Safari anyway.

  30. Even though this has been marked as resolved, it hasn't been...
    You cant just modify (and wreck) everyone's themes when they are viwed on an ipad because you guys at automattic think it's cool... This kind of stuff just annoys users, which is very uncool.... Rick

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