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iPad mobile version (white text) doesn't show the text

  1. Hi,

    I'm using the Nishita theme and decided to make the text white so it's easier to read (whcih causes another probelm when editing the text - different topic). I just noticed that the mobile iPad version is on a white background so none of the text shows up on the iPad. Is there a way to have different text colors - one for the regular site another for an iPad mobile version (to show up against the white)?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. When I replied to you in the other thread I did not know that yours was an ipad issue.
    May I suggest that you try here > ipad >

  3. Hi -
    It's both an editing issue (on the regular site when writing the text) and then became an iPad issue when it runs on the mobile version.

  4. That's unfortunate but this is a peer support forum and it appears that you may need Staff help.

  5. I already put in a support request - thanks for the steer.

  6. Good to know that you have done that. Know we know that we Volunteers won't reply to this thread. Best wishes for a quick fix and happy ending.

  7. edit: "Know we know" was meant to be "Now we know", of course, lol :)

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