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    While I am ecstatic to now be able to work on the CSS for my site on the iPad, I find that the Preview button does not work. I have to go ahead and save my change then visit the site. Anyone else with this problem?

    The blog I need help with is csstestingwp.wordpress.com.


    We’ve made a few updates since the last time you posted. Would you mind testing this again and let me know if you’re still having trouble? If you are, I’ll see what I can do to find some iPad testers to help us out. :)



    I have confirmed that the issue still exists.

    We’re looking into it.


    Preview button for the CSS still not working for me on the web version nor the worpress app.


    I have confidence!


    Thanks macmanx!

    I filed a bug report for this issue.


    Okay, the bug report is waiting for a fix, but we’re not sure how many people really work from their iPad to edit CSS. If you know of any other people who run into this as an issue, a comment here from them would be much appreciated.


    Ah, so the question is … am I the tip of an iceberg or just one tiny ice cube?

    I am confident that you want complete functionality, but also understand the triage that must go on in setting work priorities.


    Exactly. We will certainly take a look at this issue, but it may not be super soon. I’ve been asked how many people actually use the CSS editor on an iPad and I’m not sure many people do. I know lots of people view WordPress.com blogs on iPads, but I don’t think many people edit code such as CSS using iPads.


    I have this issue using Mozilla on a computer… :(


    I would use CSS on my iPad if it worked. Since I can’t preview, I don’t bother.


    @siciliannabeauty, just to make sure, are you using the latest version? See http://browsehappy.com/

    @sensuousinkspiller, thanks for posting, it helps to know how many people might be having trouble with this.


    Previewing CSS via the iPad is now fixed. Some of the formatting for the same page needs adjusting—we’re aware of that and it’s also on our list to fix.


    Ah, thank you. AND it now saves css comments as well! Super.


    We’re always working to improve our features. Cheers :)


    Yes you are. Applause!

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