iPad & Text Issues While Updating Blog

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    Over the last couple of weeks, when using WordPress on my iPad, I’m unable to edit the text at all. I copy a post each day and, when I try to change the text that’s there, the cursor just freezes and won’t allow any newly typed text to show up. The only way to break the cycle is to Save Draft, but that’s not always a guarantee either. Today, I had to Save Draft almost 10 times to update a post with just a few words. I’ve tried it using Safari and Chrome, both at work and home so I’ve ruled out the browser and the network. I don’t like to use the app because I’m not a fan of the HTML screen and I don’t see an option to add coloured text or italicize. So,
    I prefer to use the browser for updating my blog (mrmepham.wordpress.com). I’ve been updating on my iPad for the last year and this is a new problem. Help?!
    Blog url: http://mrmepham.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is mrmepham.wordpress.com.

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