iPad update – publishing via Update button?

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    I like you guys a lot, seriously. I can’t be a paying blogger – yet – but I’ve been able to do some really helpful stuff, until the most recent iPad update, which I unwittingly uploaded yesterday. Prior to that, I’d load in a month’s worth of daily posts, then go in daily and update (I tried the scheduling and it didn’t work), but as of today, it won’t let me change the status from Draft to Published (whereby publishing it) by clicking Update. Blast! This is not an improvement. I know there’s a ton of good stuff and I’m really thankful for what I’ve been able to use. Just wanted to let you know.

    The blog I need help with is mcdonnel.wordpress.com.



    Have you said the same to Apple?



    Good question. How would you recommend going about telling Apple, that is, how do I get my question to the right ballpark?

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