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    First let me say you guys do a fantastic job with virtually everything. Your customer service is second to none.

    However, I sure wish you would make it so posting via an iPad would work as easily as a laptop. I travel a great deal and use iPad for everything and would like to be able to log on to my WordPress desktop and post, etc. as it is the problems are too many to mention, crazy things happen all the time and it is impossible to make it work.

    I know there is an iPhone App, but just being able to use the iPad as a laptop would will be of tremendous value.


    Dick Quinn
    Blog url: http://quinnscommentary.wordpress.com/



    Hi Dick,

    Thanks for your feedback. Have you tried using the WordPress for iOS app yet?

    Because the iPad is a mobile device, we do recommend using the app since it’s optimized for mobile use. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! :)

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