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    I was able to set an ipad view for my blog but somehow this has now disappeared and can only view it normally – the ipad view gave it a ‘magazine-like’ view and I don’t understand how it has disappeared. please help. my theme is Triton Lite
    Blog url: http://chaudmag.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is chaudmag.com.


    When I visit your site with my ipad I see a site very similar to the pictures of the triton lite. Is that what you want or what you don NOT want?



    What I want on the iPad is a ‘swipe’ option – where its like flicking through a magazine


    Sorry to be dense. We used to have the onswipe theme available. See this post : https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/the-onswipe-ipad-theme-is-no-longer-available-1?replies=2#post-1035288



    Thanks a lot!! Such a shame they removed the on swipe theme


    Sorry you don’t have it available. As an ipad user I MUCH prefer to access the normal websites, especially if they use a theme with responsive design. I really dislike sites that don’t give their ipad users a choice. One of my favorite websites has started making that decision for me rather than giving me the choice and my frequency of use of that site has gone way down. Sorry, didn’t mean to rant. I do appreciate site designers like you who are sincerely looking for the best way to serve your ipad audience. Just as an FYI, I find your triton lite theme very readable on the ipad. I do use mine in landscape mode most of the time.

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