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iPhone app is reblogging each blog I read

  1. As i have done many times before, I read several blogs this morning using my iPhone wordpress app. Lo and behold I discover later that each blog I read was reblogged on my blog. My readers have received a huge barrage emails with these reblogs. I have trashed each of these posts since seeing what happened but am wondering if I dare read another blog on my iPhone and whether I have lost all my readers due to this annoying incident :-(

    I had made comments on some of these blogs but not on others but all were reblogged WITHOUT me clicking on the reblog button. What can I do now?????
    Blog url:

  2. Now I am receiving email notifications thanking me for subscribing to blogs I have never read or even heard of. Is my account possessed???

  3. That is very strange. Which version of the app and iOS are you using?

  4. iOS 5.1.1
    Wordpress app 3.0.1

  5. Ok, those should work without issue.

    Please try completely deleting/uninstalling the app, then reinstall it.

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