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  1. Hello, my names Tyler I am a co-owner of a sporting news website. ( We have been thinking about in the future possibly soon adding a application so they can see the news easy and stuff. We know that WordPress is already in that app "form" on safari for the itouch/phone but were wondering if there was a way to link the rss feeds or get that default template on the application? It seems it would be easier for people to click the app then have to login to the website everytime and thought we might be able to make a small profit out of it. Any and all help helps! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You do know that advertising is not allowed on a blog, right? How then are you going to make a profit off readers?

    All themes are viewable via a mobile theme on iphones and itouches. What more do you need? RSS feeds are also viewable on the devices.

    Are you talking about developing your own WP app? Apple does pay for those.

  3. Yes that is what i'm talking about developing my own app. I know they dont allow advertising.

  4. Okay, I'm not seeing what the problem is then. Go ahead and develop it.

  5. Would you stop trolling? I have a question that pertains to people besides you, so stop. The question is in safari when you open it it has the custom layout by wordpress. I wanted to know if you can put that same template/design of the site layout in a app or if you have to recreate your own.

  6. In android u can. I make android apps if your interested (

  7. I love the site, just don't really have the money to pay anyone which is why I was planning on creating it. Thanks though Matthew

  8. I'm not trolling, I'm trying to find out what the exact question is. Since it's an app development question, I'm going to refer you to forums for that. There are plenty.

  9. You need to head over to since we volunteers here know virtually nothing about the iPhone App.

  10. Whether it pulls the full theme or the mobile theme depends on how you design the app, obviously.

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