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    Any reason WordPress couldnt offer something like this : http://www.apple.com/webapps/productivity/typepadforiphone.html
    for WordPress bloggers?



    try: http://m.wordpress.com/ — your iphone should be highly pleased over there.



    I just found out about the mobile interface myself today and will do a test.

    But I can see right off two worries:

    1) No way to select Categories (I never use tags)

    2) No way to upload photos.

    I’ve seen elsewhere a claim that only 2 (!) requests have been made for iPhone (and now it would also be iPod Touch!) support. I just moments ago emailed Support to make it three requests.

    I’m hoping that with the release of the iSDK there will be an initiative to create front-end software for the iP/iPT. I don’t currently own either but will. And from what I can see, there seems to be some sort of Blogger support built-in?

    I’m sure everyone knows mobile blogging is going to be huge.



    Ah, the mobile interface works well with the iPhone.


    If there could be a way to check off Categories, that’d help.

    Next, of course, is uploading photos directly from an iPhone.



    I can’t say m.wordpress.com comes anywhere close to what I want. I’d like to see full iPhone integration or at least a clean, solid mobile site that allows full categories, images, video links, etc.

    I’ll e-mail support requesting it so the count can slowly tick upward :)



    (strongly supporting this idea)


    YES! YES! YES! Please. Mobile interface is sorely lacking. Competitors are way ahead of wordpress in this area.


    Send your request to staff via the support tab. That is the best way to make sure they see it and record the request.



    I do most of my blogging on another site with my iPhone. I can take a picture, add comments, and email it to my blog. I generally like WordPresses site better, but it’s really falling behind in the mobile blogging area.

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