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ipod shuffle game

  1. Answer: Stop And Stare - OneRepublic

    Question: What's your favorite alcoholic drink?

  2. @Anna, oops, sorry about that... ah yeah, 7:49am, that explains it... maybe 5 hours sleep, lol

    Answer: Computer World (Kraftwerk) Ha, hardly

    Question: Unicorn or Pegasus?

  3. Oops, X Question got Skipped, Answer: Ha Milk (Garbage) Classic, as that is my Drink of Choice

  4. Answer; Spitting Venom [Modest Mouse]

    Question; What do you like to do?

  5. Answer: What Did I Ever Give You? (Kaiser Chiefs)

    Question: Your opinion towards dancing?

  6. Answer: La Song (Angel: Live Fast Die Never Christian Kane) Dance on I recon, lol

    Question: What do you think of the Military?

  7. Answer: Mein (Deftones) - Well alrighty then!

    Question: Silence or noise?

  8. Answer: Against The Sky (The Pearl - Brian Eno) Hmm... I guess it depends if a Plane is passing by :D

    Question: Candle Light or Fire Place?

  9. Answer: Damned (William Control)

    Question: What do you believe in?

  10. Answer: Taking Over Me (Evanescence - Fallen)

    Question: How do you feel about the State of the World?

  11. Answer: Capitol P (Mindless Self Indulgence)
    I'm not even going to repeat the lyrics to this song on such a family-friendly environment such as this forum, but yeah, believe me that it probably sums it all up! :D

    Question: What fear have you overcome?

  12. Answer: Lovesong (Jes - Dream Dance Vol. 55) Have I overcome my Fear of getting my Heart Crushed? again? Hmm... Maybe, lol and yes this is a remake of the Cure Song, which was one of my Favorites

    Question: How Fast is Too Fast?

  13. Answer: Question! (System of a Down) - ha ha! :)

    Question: How many muffins is too many?

  14. Answer: On The Subway (Lost in Translation) I suppose once you've had a Muffin on the Subway, it's too many?

    Question: How Many Horses would it take to change your mind about the World?

  15. Answer: Perfect World (Billy Talent). I guess I think the world's perfect anyway... horses or no horses!

    Question: What do you want to yell at your neighbours?

  16. Answer: How Deep is your Love (Bee Gees) lol, that oughta piss some people off... er, the miserable people that is, lol

    Question: Your Greatest Need?

  17. dlcsmanagement

    I like the way you move (Bodyrockers)

    What woul;d you like to be doing right now?

  18. Answer: Silent Warrior (Enigma - The Cross of Changes) Hmm, that just sounds wrong, I'll leave it at that

    Question: Anything else you'd like to do before the New Year?

  19. Answer: Very Superstitious (Stevie Wonder). Evidently I don't want to answer your question!

    Question: Someone came and robbed you... what did they steal?

  20. Answer: I've Just Seen a Face (The Beatles) Apparently I can Identify the Robber, but I have absolutely no idea what they took

    Question: Favorite Ridiculous Behavior?

  21. @darkjade, ha! That's a really good answer.

    Answer: Demolition Lovers (My Chemical Romance)... being destructive I suppose?

    Question: What do you yell when you accidentally hurt yourself?

  22. Answer: The Edge of Glory (Laday Gaga) lol, masochist much?

    Question: Medicine of Choice?

  23. Answer: Kountry Gentlemen

    Question: Do you believe in karma?

  24. Answer: Ariadne (Lisa Gerrard) Well Ariadne aided Theseus in overcoming the Minotaur and was the bride of the god Dionysus, so hmm... That may not be the answer, but damn if it isn't "an" answer.

    Question: Do you believe in "The Force"? lol

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