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Irate Members... Who 'solve' issues can ignore my Threads, please..

  1. I had no idea about being labelled hijacking a thread or any thing else mentioned at the link below.. Some newbies have no idea about forum rules... Now I have them in a day.. in all sorts of manner *and not*

    I do not like Wasting my time OR any one else's if someone believes a person to be confusing then That is their Right..

    Just because I missed a comment from someone here, it is presumed that I am 'bucking the system'? When I had no idea of adhering to thread columns... so Having said that, even if my question stays there for weeks.... I will Now wait for a Staff member THANK you... for your 'concern'..

    I have certainly learned a lot of Etiquette here in the Forums in the last few days I have actually used and need them in a Year that is not bad Going... and simply No Idea of how this Thread thing was SO Stringent Believe me I understand it Now though,,,,

    I have lasted a year Without needing the forums. Sometimes visiting just to help some people, when I had time...

    There is also a heat wave during this week, my cat is climbing the walls and broke some things, and my hip that is due for a replacement after May is also hurting like heck....

    Thought I'd add that for the Heck of it... A little Empathy goes a long way, that is why I mention this ~ simply leave my question to sit for weeks etc to save your time... and until Staff can get to it or as I usually and used to I shall search Support and Forums and just read....

    (and this_as this does not really need an answer, by anyone)

    The blog I need help with is

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