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    I have a wordpress blog – and the ads that are displayed are for stomach worms. Please suggest how to change the type of ads shown on my blog

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s ‘all’ about money. Censorship is about money. War is about money. Your problem can be traced to the focus on money. (Is it just me, or has WP hidden discussions? I remember scrolling through pages of discussions when coming here. And then there’s the company’s joyful support for big, powerful, antidemocratic, immoral companies like Google. Google’s huge censorship program doesn’t bother WP one iota.) I have the paid – it’s cheap enough – ad removal option that automatically renews. I hope it’s working. Of course, WP has made it harder to buy addons like that, but I read in a forum (Good luck finding it!) that there’s a way to get them to allow you to buy that addon. I’m by no stretch an expert on any of this, but merely a long-time user who is sad to see such a robust blogging platform dumb down little by little over the years. If it weren’t for scripts (from people like t penguin) that force my WordPress blog to revert to the original, classic, robust (and full featured and user friendly) editor, I don’t know what I’d do. Okay, I’d survive. But you see my point.

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